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Self Assessment Test in Swedish

Find your language level with our general self assessment test! Tick the boxes that apply to you. If you can tick seven or more boxes then proceed to the next level. If you only have 0-6 ticked boxes then that is the level you are at.

The levels refer to The Council of Europe's framework for languages (CEFR). This framework is recognised as a standard benchmark and describes language proficiency on a scale of levels from A1 to C2. A1 & A2 (Basic User) B1 & B2 (Independent User) C1 & C2 (Proficient User). Click on the Level Descriptions link here>> to find out more.

Self Assessment Test - Level A1
I can greet a person and say the most common polite words and phrases.
I can ask and answer simple questions on very familiar topics
I can make myself understood in a simple way with a little help from the listener.
I can make simple purchases and ask what things cost supported by pointing.
I can ask people for things and give people things.
I can give and ask for personal information (address, family, work, hobbies etc)
I can tell the time and describe my daily routine.
I can understand and give simple directions.
I can write a short email or greeting card.
I can fill in a form with my personal details.
If you have seven or ticks please proceed to Level A2>>
Self Assessment Test - Level A2
I can make simple transactions in shops, post offices and banks.
I can use public transport and ask for basic information and buy tickets.
I can order something to eat and drink.
I can make simple purchases by stating what I want and asking the price.
I can ask how people are and react to news.
I can give short basic description of events.
I can find the most important information in leaflets about exhibitions etc .
I can ask for and give directions referring to a map.
I can understand simple written messages from friends and colleagues.
I can write short simple messages using connecting words, such as 'and', 'but', 'because' etc.
If you have seven or ticks please proceed to Level B1>>
Self Assessment Test - Level B1
I can start, maintain and close simple face to face conversations on familiar topics.
I can maintain a conversation but sometimes find it hard to say exactly what I want.
I can describe my dreams, hopes and ambitions.
I can explain and give reasons for my plans, intentions and actions.
I can respond to feelings of surprise, happiness, sadness, interest and indifference.
I can give and seek personal views in an informal discussion with friends.
I can paraphrase short written passages in a simple fashion.
I can give detailed accounts of experiences, describing feelings and reactions.
I can understand the gist in short newspaper articles about current and familiar topics.
I can write personal letters to friends asking for news and narrate events.
If you have seven or ticks please proceed to Level B2>>
Self Assessment Test - Level B2
I can understand what is said to me in standard spoken language.
I can convey degrees of emotion and highlight the personal significance of an experience.
I can engage in extended conversation on most general topics.
I can give clear detailed descriptions on a wide range of subjects related to my field of interest.
I can summarise the plot and sequence of events from a film, book or play.
I can explain my viewpoint on a topic giving the advantages and disadvantages and construct a chain of reasoned arguments.
I can speculate about causes, consequences and hypothetical situations.
I can understand in detail texts within my own field of interest or professional speciality.
I can write clear and detailed texts on various topics related to my field of interest.
I can express different feelings, attitudes and opinions in a personal letter.
If you have seven or ticks please proceed to Level C1>>
Self Assessment Test - Level C1

I can keep up with conversation with native speakers and follow extended speech even if it is not clearly structured.

I can speak Swedish fluently, accurately, effectively and almost effortlessly both socially and professionally, including joking.

I have a broad vocabulary and I rarely make mistakes or have to search for expressions.
I can substitute an equivalent term for a word without distracting the listener.
I can give clear, detailed descriptions on a subject of personal or professional interest.
I can express my ideas and opinions clearly and precisely and respond to complex reasoning.
I can understand a wide range of idiomatic expressions and colloquialism, appreciating shifts in style and register.

I can read complex reports and contemporary literature with ease and orally summarise long, demanding texts.
I can write texts which show a high degree of grammatical correctness and a varied vocabulary on a wide range of general and professional subjects.
I can write formally correct letters and take a stand in favour of or against something.
If you have seven or ticks please proceed to Level C2>>
Self Assessment Test - Level C2
I have no difficulty understanding any kind of language, even fast native speed.
I can consistently maintain grammatical control of complex language.
I can express myself naturally and effortlessly and only need to pause occasionally.
I can convey finer shapes of meaning and I have a good command of idiomatic expressions and colloquialism.
I can orally summarise information from different sources, reconstructing arguments and accounts coherently.
I can backtrack and restructure around a difficulty so smoothly that the listener is hardly aware of it.
I can present ideas and viewpoints in a very flexible manner and emphasise to differentiate and eliminate ambiguity.
I can recognise plays on words and appreciate texts whose real meaning is not explicit, such as satire and irony.
I can recognise different styles, such as puns, metaphors, ambiguity and evaluate their function in a text.
I can write clear, well-structured and complex letters, and express myself in a consciously ironical, ambiguous and humorous way.
If you have seven or more ticks this is your level.